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10:40 a.m.


We believe that the purpose of Sunday mornings is to worship God as a community of people. When you enter the building you will be warmly welcomed. It is our hope that your time here on Sunday morning will be a time when you can connect with God whether you have walked with him for many years or you are just beginning to investigate God and church. We understand that many people have had experiences at churches in the past, some positive and some not so positive, and we desire that as you join us for a worship service, you will enjoy the time with us and be connected with God again, or for the first time.



      Sunday mornings at Zion begin at 9:30 with Sunday School classes for the all ages. At 10:40 our worship service begins in the sanctuary. The music at Zion is a mix of more traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We seek to balance this as well as we can as we believe both kinds of music are important.

If you’re wondering what you should wear, please wear whatever is comfortable. If you are most comfortable at church in a suit and tie, great. If you are more comfortable in shorts and sandals, that’s great too. You will see upon entering the church, that people at Zion wear a wide variety of clothing styles, so we encourage you to come in whatever is most comfortable for you.


     During the worship service you will not be singled out or asked to stand as a first time visitor. Not because we don’t want to get to know you, but we know that sometimes it is difficult enough just to come into the front doors for the first time. There will be an opportunity for you to fill out a visitor card and let us know who you are and to request more information about Zion or to have us pray for requests that you may have. Every week in our bulletins there is a tear off portion of the bulletin that you can fill out and put in the offering plate for this purpose.


  And speaking of the offering plate, we want you to know that you are not expected to put a check or cash into the offering plate when you visit us. We encourage those who call Zion their home church to participate in giving as an act of worship during this time. Feel free to pass the plates and enjoy the music.


You can also be confident in the care of your children on Sunday mornings. During Sunday School, there are excellent options for all age levels. At the beginning of the service, the whole family will participate in worship together. Then, children from age 3 to thru 1st grade are dismissed for children's church during the sermon. Nursery care is available during the worship service.


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